Callisto Grand Membership

The only solution that will make your O2C and Credit reach World Class!

What makes us Unique?

We share best practices in Credit/O2C, promote knowledge sharing, and elevate the profession.

Our Membership model attracts a wide range of participants, fostering a community that develops best practices through shared experiences.

Bridging knowledge gaps is our priority, irrespective of experience levels, making Callisto Membership a dedicated platform for growth for all of your O2C and Credit teams.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

Sharing best practices and learning from others’ successes and challenges can inspire innovation and optimization within your own credit management strategies.

Our Membership is a global cross-company platform where O2C people can exchange their experiences, tips, tricks and opinions they wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise.



Global Skill Enhancement

You’ll learn adaptable strategies for credit assessment, risk mitigation, and debt recovery that can be applied in a multitude of scenarios, making you a more versatile credit management professional through our Membership Zone.

There, your teams will have access to:

  • Written and video tutorials on O2C and Credit topics
  • Dozens of recordings of past Credit Clinic and Credit & Collections Coffee Clubs (each of them was worth 1 CPD)
  • Hundreds of recordings of sessions from past Credit Matters conferences
  • Newsletter-Blog with weekly credit world updates

Variable annual pricing options

Annually 1 x

Half yearly 2 x

Monthly 10 x

Membership includes complimentary:
1 Credit Matters ticket (worth 799 EUR)
1 Certificate in Operational Credit Excellence (worth 499 EUR)

Prices increase each year by 5% plus the annual inflation rate as per the Czech National Bank.
The members section on the website will open on September 16, 2023. The membership renewal will be due on the anniversary of the first invoice

The Right Choice

Incorporating these reasons into your decision to join a Global Credit Community can contribute to your professional growth, expand your knowledge base, and elevate your credit management expertise on a global scale.

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